Brunch Your Heart Out


Restaurant: Palisade

Location: Magnolia, Seattle

After-Taste: There is nothing better than a good brunch. Actually there is. A GREAT brunch. And that is what Palisade’s brunch is. The restaurant itself is so classy and so beautiful. The views of the water are breathtaking and the service is phenomenal. The brunch includes unlimited trips to the buffet. I wish everything in life could be unlimited… They have fresh crab legs, cheese, salads galore, sushi, oysters, prawns, and desserts. You sold yet? That doesn’t even include the Entree you get to order! I ordered the Eggs Benedict (my favorite) and it was quite delightful. My favorite part was the bloody mary. You could make a trip to the bloody mary bar and add any type of garnishes (10 dilly beans, please!), spices, or sauces. When you experience this brunch, don’t forget to wear stretchy pants…and don’t weigh yourself for about a week.

Link: Palisade


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