Costume Your Heart Out



When: Every Halloween for the rest of my life!

After-dress-up: Everyone knows I’m obsessed with Chipotle. Seriously. Obsessed. I eat there all the time and I used to visit it so much in college that the manager would often give me free burritos as a “thank you.” When they announced Spokane was getting a Chipotle, I received calls and texts from several family and friends. I don’t hide my obsession very well. Well one day, I came home to a box at my door. I could tell it was from my Mom and usually when my Mom sends me something, I know what it is. This package? I had no idea. I open it and see a shiny silver fabric and was immediately confused. I unfold it and it is a giant Chipotle burrito costume!!! I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited!! I was shouting and tearing up (have I mentioned that I love surprises?) and immediately put it on. There’s fabric that wraps around my neck that has tomatoes and lettuce and cheese. OMG I was dying of happiness. My Mom gave me the most amazing surprise – I appreciate her putting that thought and effort into this kick-ass costume. She even included an embroidered Chipotle logo on the side! I wore it to Chipotle on Halloween and got my free burrito (and a lot of awesome admirers). But I couldn’t help but wonder as I was eating my burrito – would it be considered cannibalism?


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