Road-Trip Your Heart Out


Location: Leavenworth, WA

After-Stay: If you want a fun weekend getaway, visit Leavenworth! It’s the most adorable bavarian town tucked in the Cascade Mountains of Washington. It is just as fun in the Summer as it is in the Winter. Not many places can pull that off. This weekend my friends and I took a trip and admired all of the Christmas lights, carolers, wine-tasting, and sledding! We actually didn’t even have a sled – with enough wine in your system, anything could happen. For instance, sledding down the hill with your grown adult friends amongst little children in your jeans. Anything is possible! For the night, we stayed at one of the best resorts I’ve ever been to. It’s called Sleeping Lady Resort and each room is like it’s only tiny, private cabin. The hot tub is not considered a hot tub. They call it a “Woodland Rock Pool.” And it literally feels like you’re in a hot springs – it’s wonderful to float in and gaze at the stars. Dinner was fabulous (unlimited trips to the buffet – my favorite!) and the breakfast was just as good (unlimited trips to the buffet again!). It’s a beautiful town with so much to offer; I highly recommend you pay it a visit.

Link: Sleeping Lady Resort

Winery-Crawl Your Heart Out


Venues: Multiple Wineries

Location: Woodinville, WA

After-Crawl: WOW. This goes down as one of the best weekends I’ve ever had! This event is held twice a year and is called the “Passport to Woodinville” in Woodinville Wine Country. For this event, my friends rented a party bus (complete with a “vertical safety bar…”) and we travelled around Woodinville to about 12-16 different wineries. When you check-in, you get a pamphlet (your ‘passport’) with all the participating wineries, and when you arrive at each winery, you get a stamp…and several tastings…and meatballs….and cheese. [currently drooling] We kind of turned it into a challenge with other winery-crawlers to see who could get the most amount of stamps. When you do this event, plan on getting a bus or a DD, because you will be drinking a loooot of wine (if you’re smart). And if you want to go crazy like me, participate in both days! Since it was before Christmas, it was a great way to stock up on some great gifts, too! Already looking forward to next year’s event!

Link: Passport to Woodinville