Run Your Heart Out

019 Valentine Dash

Event: Valentine’s Day Dash 5K

Location: Greenlake

After-Race: This was my very first 5K EVER! Yay me! I am definitely not a runner so I am very proud of myself for completing this (actually, I’m proud of signing up in the first place)! The race is one full loop around Greenlake and it was so much fun running amongst so many people in pink, red, and Hershey Kiss costumes (how DO they do it?!). It was early February so it was very brisk outside – but I enjoy that because I tend to get over-heated when I run (something having to do with ‘out of shape’?). The last stretch is called the Tunnel of Love – there wasn’t really a tunnel, but there were a ton of people cheering everyone on and I could certainly feel the love. Once you’re done (wahoo!) there are vendors with water, fruit, a beer garden (called the “Lover’s Lounge”) and CHOCOLATE. Wonder if I’ll have the guts to sign up next year!

Link: Valentine’s Day Dash


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