Inform Your Heart Out

020 Exhibit'

Venue: Smithsonian – National Museum of American History

Location: Washington, D.C.

After-Browse: If you ever visit D.C., I highly suggest visiting all of the wonderful monuments they have. The museums are all SO fascinating (and free!) and I loved learning about the history of America. It was a great city to visit (I’m not sure if I’d go in February again – brrrrr!) and it is constantly buzzing and feels so energetic. While I was visiting my friend, we made sure to make a trip to my Mecca. The FOOD Exhibit in the National Museum of American History. Can you tell I love food? This exhibit was interactive, informative of how far along consumer goods have come, and entertaining. My favorite part was seeing Julia Child’s kitchen! I felt like I was there with her – looking at all of her cookbooks and pots & pans, ahh it was so special. The museum also had wonderful exhibits on fashion (seeing all the former First Ladies’ dresses was breathtaking!) and jewelry. I could’ve spent all day in those exhibits! ….oh wait, I DID!

Link: FOOD: The Exhibition


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