Stroll Your Heart Out

High Line

What: The High Line

Where: New York City

After-Stroll: There are a bajillion things to do in New York. I only scratched the surface when I visited some friends. But a highlight of my vacation was the long walk on The High Line. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was just told it’s an elevated walkway/park on the West Side of Manhattan. I wasn’t expecting it to be a mile and a half walk in a park on an old freight rail line with some of the most amazing views of New York! You’re walking through little neighborhoods with the cutest buildings, unique artwork along the way, and the best people watching. There is a section where you’re actually walking directly under a building – it was so fun to look up into the open windows and see people enjoying their Sunday. One man was so comfortable he was standing butt-naked in front of his window!! Something’s telling me he enjoys giving strollers a little show… My favorite part was when we were amongst what seemed like hundreds of brick buildings and then BAM! The most amazing painting on a brick wall – it was “The Kiss Seen Around the World” with a modern, colorful twist. I had to stand there for a few minutes and just soak the beauty up. If you visit New York, make a trip to the High Line. You can do however long of a walk you want! It’s all up to you and your little feet.

Link: The High Line


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