Jump Your Heart Out

004 bungee

Venue: Pacific NW Bridge

Location: Amboy, WA

After-fall: Bungee jumping should be on everyone’s bucket list! This bridge was located just North of Portland, so we had a three-hour drive to freak out about my upcoming jumps. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been that nervous. But I am an adrenaline junkie and I knew the jumps would be exhilarating. The 200 ft. bridge is in the middle of nowhere and kind of hard to find, but once you spot it, you can see others jumping off of it. If they can do it, so can I, right? We get checked in, sign the waiver in case we, you know, DIE, and then get our harnesses on. This is when you get to watch others jump – which was surprisingly helpful. They made it look so easy and you realize that it’s not as terrifying as you would think! There were a couple people who took several minutes to be convinced to jump, but not one person backed out. Word of advice: DON’T THINK. Just get on the ledge and jump. The more you think, the more likely you are to freak out. Then came my turn. Heart was pounding and my brain was trying to remember every little detail they said about how to jump off. But remember how I said not to think? Everyone counts down from three and theeeeereeee iiiiii goooooo. I did a swan dive and plummeted towards the water and I literally cannot describe the feeling. You bounce up and down for about 30 seconds and you get a euphoric rush. Then you get to do it AGAIN. You get pulled up and the moment you stand on the ledge, they count down again and this time? You jump backwards! That feeling was even more odd – not knowing where you are? Whoa. Your body feels like there’s nothing inside of it. The whole jumping process lasted less than two minutes (but it felt like eternity). But HIGHLY worth the $90 and the three-hour drive. I’m determined to jump again – it’s just as fun as it is nerve-wracking. Plus, you get a sweet “Dangerous Sports Club” T-shirt. Who wouldn’t want that?

Oh, another word of advice: don’t call your Mom until after you jump…

Link: Pacific NW Bridge


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