Paint Your Heart Out

024 painting

Venue: Palettes and Pairings

Location: Issaquah (they also have a Kirkland location)

After-Art: Want an awesome new art piece for your place? Want to drink wine? Want to eat crepes? Want to do all that for $40? Go to Palettes and Pairings then! What a brilliant business model! Check out their calendar and decide what painting you want, then take a friend and be prepared to have a blast and walk out the door with a beautiful painting (great gift idea, too)! The couple that owns this franchise is SO friendly and welcoming. The woman leads the class and shows you every stroke you need to make on your canvas. Paint a stroke, take a sip of wine, paint a stroke, take a sip of wine. It’s simple, really. I am by no means artistic and I managed to knock out the masterpiece above. It’s proudly hanging in my apartment now. :) While you’re painting, her husband is cooking sweet and savory crepes to munch on during the break. It was so much fun for so little money! Check out the calendar and sign up quickly – classes sell out quickly…for good reason!

Link: Palettes and Pairings

Smash Your Heart Out

023 Smash Putt

What: Smash Putt

Location: SoDo

After-Shot: Weird. In one word, that’s what this event is. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a total blast! But it was a very crazy experience. If you have a bunch of tattoos, dreads, and black clothes, you won’t think it’s weird. But here I was showing up in a dress and innocent mind to a dark warehouse with loud machines, loud music (including a crazy, live band that played a bunch of Mario video game music – Awesome!), and elaborate obstacles. It’s miniature golf on ecstasy. Some holes saw your golf balls in half, some make them disappear completely, and some make you crawl in a tiny room with smoke and lasers! My favorite hole was the one set up like a 70’s living room with an old TV. People can sit on the couch and play Super Mario on the TV, all the while, you’re trying to hit your ball on the shag carpet past the coffee table and gamers (trying not to block their game, of course). It was so random, but so entertaining! Smash Putt is definitely an experience I will never forget!

Link: Smash Putt