Race Your Heart Out

002 Go kart

Venue: PGP Motorsports Park

Location: Kent

After-Drive: What a rush!! I hear “go-karting” and I think of the little bumper cars at carnivals that barely give you enough speed to even move your hair. But this was the polar opposite of what I was expecting! It’s almost a mile-long asphalt track with about 15 sharp turns. When I first started the race, I was driving around like an old lady, trying to figure out the dynamics and apexes. Once I figured it out, I was flying like a bat out of hell. It’s all trial and error, they give you some pointers, but you’ve just gotta go out there and try it for yourself. After a few burn-outs, I found a great rhythm, learned how to slide into the turns, and started passing people left and right. Each session allows two races and the adrenaline rush never ends! Be prepared to be sore the next day; it’s a shockingly tough workout on your body. Oh, and be careful when you leave the raceways in your car. I felt like I still needed to slide into the corners on the highway! Yikes!

Link: PGP Motorsports Raceways

Challenge Your Heart Out

Challenge Nation

Location: EVERYWHERE, Seattle

After-Run: Before I begin – there is A LOT of running involved in this!! Well…I guess it depends on who is on your team. My friends all happen to be incredibly in shape, soccer players, and run marathons. They say it’s a 5K, buuuuut it felt like we ran a lot more than that. This was an incredibly fun activity to do on a Summer day in Seattle. We began at Pyramid and drank some beer to get us pumped up…I immediately regretted this because it made me feel bloated and I had to pee within minutes of the race. I honestly wasn’t aware of how competitive this was going to be. You get a list of “challenges” you need to complete. For example, we had to take pictures with someone from out of town or a specific state, we had to take a picture with the statue pictured above…while trying to imitate it, we had to hula hoop, draw chalk pictures, etc. I mean, think of the most random things you have to do and we did them. The scavenger hunt spread out all over downtown Seattle and it’s of course a race to the finish line (some people don’t take it seriously…we were not them). We came in 83rd place out of 260, so I’d say we did pretty good! The best part is coming up with a team name, and since we had 12 people, we were the Durty Dozen (and made ourselves look like eggs; cute, right?). I believe it’s an annual event, so I’m hoping we can beat our 83rd spot…and I’m going to remember to actually train for it next year!! (Oh, and if you sign up, you get a free, sweet t-shirt!)

Link: Challenge Nation

Sightsee Your Heart Out

013 Columbia Tower

Venue: Columbia Tower Club

Location: Downtown Seattle

After-View: If you want the best panoramic view of Seattle, ride the elevators (yes, plural) to the top of the Columbia Tower. It’s a members-only club for the fancy-pantsy, but hey! I managed to get in! Start asking around and see if you know anyone in the club….members love bringing new people to the club (as a sort of ego-boost, I would imagine). Let’s be honest, if I had enough money to become a member, I’d be bringing as many people as I could! I don’t know how many times I was asked, “So, are you a member?” I wasn’t sure if it was because I didn’t look like a member, or if it was a tacky pick-up line. Anway…back on track. The views are AMAZING!!! There are several tables along the windows, but get there early otherwise they’ll be gone. The appetizers are tasty and the drinks were great as well. There were a couple of events going on as we were there – we decided to “party crash” and we ended up meeting several people! The club is a great place to network and rub elbows with affluent people in Seattle. It’s definitely a posh experience that requires dressier clothes and more of an open mind. But the views; you cannot beat the views. The women’s bathroom is actually known as having the (unofficial) Best View in Seattle. It was hilarious waiting in line to use the restroom…and then realizing the line is only for taking a picture from above the toilet… I could spend hours gazing out the windows discovering new buildings and watching the hustle and bustle. Oh, this just came to me – I want to go back and play I Spy! Alright, gonna have to hit up some members…

Link: Columbia Tower Club