Challenge Your Heart Out

Challenge Nation

Location: EVERYWHERE, Seattle

After-Run: Before I begin – there is A LOT of running involved in this!! Well…I guess it depends on who is on your team. My friends all happen to be incredibly in shape, soccer players, and run marathons. They say it’s a 5K, buuuuut it felt like we ran a lot more than that. This was an incredibly fun activity to do on a Summer day in Seattle. We began at Pyramid and drank some beer to get us pumped up…I immediately regretted this because it made me feel bloated and I had to pee within minutes of the race. I honestly wasn’t aware of how competitive this was going to be. You get a list of “challenges” you need to complete. For example, we had to take pictures with someone from out of town or a specific state, we had to take a picture with the statue pictured above…while trying to imitate it, we had to hula hoop, draw chalk pictures, etc. I mean, think of the most random things you have to do and we did them. The scavenger hunt spread out all over downtown Seattle and it’s of course a race to the finish line (some people don’t take it seriously…we were not them). We came in 83rd place out of 260, so I’d say we did pretty good! The best part is coming up with a team name, and since we had 12 people, we were the Durty Dozen (and made ourselves look like eggs; cute, right?). I believe it’s an annual event, so I’m hoping we can beat our 83rd spot…and I’m going to remember to actually train for it next year!! (Oh, and if you sign up, you get a free, sweet t-shirt!)

Link: Challenge Nation


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