Race Your Heart Out

002 Go kart

Venue: PGP Motorsports Park

Location: Kent

After-Drive: What a rush!! I hear “go-karting” and I think of the little bumper cars at carnivals that barely give you enough speed to even move your hair. But this was the polar opposite of what I was expecting! It’s almost a mile-long asphalt track with about 15 sharp turns. When I first started the race, I was driving around like an old lady, trying to figure out the dynamics and apexes. Once I figured it out, I was flying like a bat out of hell. It’s all trial and error, they give you some pointers, but you’ve just gotta go out there and try it for yourself. After a few burn-outs, I found a great rhythm, learned how to slide into the turns, and started passing people left and right. Each session allows two races and the adrenaline rush never ends! Be prepared to be sore the next day; it’s a shockingly tough workout on your body. Oh, and be careful when you leave the raceways in your car. I felt like I still needed to slide into the corners on the highway! Yikes!

Link: PGP Motorsports Raceways


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