Bet Your Heart Out

Horse Races
Venue: Emerald Downs

Location: Auburn

After-Race: It’s not a complete Summer without a visit to Emerald Downs to watch a horse race! And it wouldn’t be a complete experience unless you have a fabulous hat to wear to the event! My girlfriends and I found some cheap Summer hats at TJMaxx and added some whimsical decorations to spice them up. I went classy (wish I would’ve gone a liiiiittle crazier) with some blue sequins and peacock feathers. My friends Jen and Lil, however, got these giant butterflies that they attached to their hats. They were such a hit! Random people were taking friends with them because they were so extravagant, unique, and a little wacky. There were some other people with hats at the races, but if you don’t like a lot of people looking at you (and possibly judging you), I would advise against a hat then. It’s a blast walking up to the railings and watching the horses with crazy names race. I bet a few bucks on a couple different horses…but to be honest, I had no idea what I was doing. Some people take their betting very seriously. For instance, one of my favorite parts was seeing a guy win his bet. He must’ve won a million dollars or something because he was screaming, laughing, jumping, and even laid on his back on the ground while shouting. All of his friends were excited and patting him on the back…and were probably extremely jealous. If you want a fun activity, definitely go see some horses race. Just don’t forget your Mint Julep!

Link: Emerald Downs


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