Dirty Dash Your Heart Out

Dirty Dash

Race: Dirty Dash

Location: McCleary, WA

After-Race: Time to get diiiiiiiiirty!!! Talk about the best excuse ever to run, roll, swim, and dance through mud!! This is a 5K that is right up my alley. People don’t run it to actually win, they run it to get dirty – I’m really good at that. It’s not as hardcore as the Warrior Dash, Mud Run, etc. This race is all about fun! It’s a fun, short road trip down to McCleary and my team geared up and got our Mudweiser shirts ready. They were a pristine white, but after the race, you didn’t see an inch of clean fabric. There are a bunch of different obstacles that all contain lots and lots of mud. There was so much mud at one point that our feet were getting stuck and some people were abandoning their shoes completely. Bring clothes and shoes that you don’t mind losing, needless to say. There were ponds we trekked through, mud balls thrown at us, walls were climbed, puddles were swam. Getting dirty was never this fun! The best part is the gigantic waterslide halfway through the  mud run. Be careful, though. This run is more dangerous than you expect. I unfortunately witnessed a gnarly ankle break. Let’s move on from that….after the waterslide, there’s FREE BEER! Doesn’t get much better! A mile of mud longer and there’s the finish line – we almost didn’t want it to be done! I’d highly recommend taking a waterproof, disposable camera. I got some awesome shots while we were on the run, and I didn’t have to worry about dropping my cameras in the mud. Also, bring lots of towels – be prepared for your car to get dirty. They do have “showers” to clean off, which are basically tiny hoses that everyone fights over. You can also donate your dirty shoes! It’s such a fun activity that I’ll never forget!

Link: Dirty Dash


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