Build-A-Bear Your Heart Out

030 Build a Bear

Store: Build-A-Bear

Location: Lynnwood, WA

After-Party: I am 26 years old, but I have zero shame in saying that I have been to a Build-A-Bear party……and loved it. My friend is a manager at the store and she decided to have her birthday party there. Not gonna lie, I was secretly super excited to go through all of the steps and get an awesome teddy bear out of it. Go ahead, judge me. It was amazing to see a bunch of my twenty-something friends singing the songs and clapping their hands. We played games, learned some cheers and did the whole process of building a bear. They have a variety of bears to choose from (they even have dragons!). Every step is something silly and fun – I thought stuffing it was the best part! We were each given a heart that we made a wish on and then placed inside the bear (not creepy, I promise) and then we got to SHOP. There are soooo many costumes to choose from. I couldn’t decide between the Husky, Seahawk, or country outfit. This may be cheesy, but I wanted to name my teddy bear after my Gramma Dolores and since she lives on a farm, I went with the country outfit. Admit it, she’s cute. We even got a birth certificate and a box in the shape of a house. They thought of everything! So there we were, walking through Alderwood Mall, with our paper bear ears atop our heads and our teddy bears in our arms. Badass, that’s what it was. Admit it, you totally want to have your next birthday party there…

Link: Build-A-Bear


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