Pig Out Your Heart Out

011 Paseo

Restaurant: Paseo Caribbean Restaurant

Location: Fremont (also located in Golden Gardens)

After-Taste: Happy, Happy, Happy. This is how I feel when I know I’m getting Paseo. It’s also how I feel while I’m eating it. And of course, how I feel once I’m done. Paseo is legendary in Seattle, and for good reason. It’s so legendary, it doesn’t even need a sign (just look for the pink building with the super long line). When I came here, I waited for 30 minutes to order. But knowing what you’re about to eat, makes everything right in the world. The most popular sandwich is the Caribbean Roast. Pork, aioli, pickled jalapenos, lettuce and caramelized onions – aka “Heaven Between Two Slices of Bread.” The sandwich is huge and probably the messiest thing you will ever eat. Grab extra napkins, you will use them all. And don’t forget a hair tie if you have long hair – once you pick the sandwich up, it’s pretty much taboo to put it back down. The flavors together are so amazing; every bite was followed by a, “mmmm, oh my God.” Yeah, it’s that good. All of the ingredients are so fresh and go together perfectly. I always want to take a nap after I eat the sandwich because it is so rich and filling. Wear stretchy pants, bring cash, and don’t show up on Sunday or Monday – you will cry when you realize it’s not open on those days. Yes, I’m speaking from experience. But get ready to have one of the (if not THE) best sandwiches of your life.

Link: Paseo


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