Roll Your Heart Out


Restaurant: Sushi Bella

Location: Belltown

After-Taste: What a delightful surprise! Didn’t expect anything from this hole-in-the-wall “sushi cafe”, but I was very impressed. I mean, look at it, they made the Dragon Roll into a DRAGON. This cafe has all the mochi, seaweed, saki, etc. you could ever need. The sushi rolls were fresh and delicious. And there was A LOT of food….all for a great price! (Plus, free unlimited green tea) Can’t wait to go back to this hidden gem!

Link: Sushi Bella

glassybaby Your Heart Out

Glassy Baby

Store: glassybaby – U-Village

Location: Seattle

After-Glow: If you want the perfect gift, a glassybaby may be it! I always thought they were silly. “They’re just candles that all look exactly the same, just different colors.” Au contraire. It was my first time visiting the store, and I was proven incorrect. Every candle is handmade, they all have different hues and names, and the proceeds go to different charities. No two candles are exactly the same. Each candle runs about $50 (remember, a portion goes to a charity!), but they make perfect gifts. They provide a tea light, a card about the candle, and a fancy bow. I love that they have an area with tea lights to test out each glassybaby. I ended up getting the “Friendship” glassybaby for my friend’s birthday and she loved it. My glassybaby addiction may have just begun…

Link: glassybaby

Essen Your Heart Out

Chicken Kaiserschmarrn

Venue: Von Trapp’s

Location: Capitol Hill

After-Party: Von Trapp’s is quickly becoming one of my favorite bars in Seattle. It’s huge and there’s always room to sit. The bocce ball courts are obviously a great feature, too. If you want to play bocce ball, prepare to wait a while, as the wait-list is usually endless. Aside from that, the atmosphere is fantastic. Large, wooden tables with Bavarian decor – really does feel like you’re in a bar in Germany. Our group managed to complete TWO das boots and a platter full of the most succulent sausage. Then came the Chicken and Kaiserschmarrn (Von Trapp’s version of Chicken and Waffles). The syrup, chicken, and whipped, huckleberry pancakes were how I imagine Heaven to taste. [I’m literally staring at the picture and wishing taste-o-vision existed] The salty, sweet flavors are so divine. Order it. You will not be sorry.

Link: Von Trapp’s

Carlton Dance Your Heart Out


Venue: 95 Slide

Location: Capitol Hill

After-Party: I know what I’m doing every 4th Friday of each month! 90’s Night at 95 Slide! On all of the TVs, they play clips from 90’s TV shows, music videos, and movies – it made me want to be a kid again! I will never get tired of watching Will and Carlton dance on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Getting the booth was clutch – the place gets packed and it was nice to have a place to sit down when your feet are so tired from dancing to the best 90’s music ever. There’s a rooftop bar that is awesome when the weather is nice. Plus, with the booth, we felt like VIP. I was basically “sitting on my throne as the fresh princess of Seattle.”

Links: 95 Slide
 The Good Guys

Curl Your Heart Out


Granite Curling Club of Seattle

Location: Shoreline

After-Curl: The experience starts out with a shoe cleaning (VIP treatment from the get-go!) and then you go through about a 45-minute lesson. They teach you how to push off the ‘hack’, throw the stone, sweep, and make a fool of yourself….curling is harder than you expect. Hopefully you’re not with people who will be offended if you laugh when they fall, because it happens a lot. But come to think of it, I may have been the only one laughing…What can I say? After years of watching AFV, I will always laugh when someone falls. But don’t worry, I always check to make sure they’re alright before I make my laugh audible. After the lesson, you can continue the match or watch the impressive professionals next to you. (“SWEEP! Hold….SWEEP!!! SWEEEEEP!!”) Finish the experience off with a trip upstairs to the bar (complete with free snacks!); nothing better than a pitcher of beer to warm you back up!

Link: Granite Curling Club of Seattle

Jam Your Heart Out

Zac Brown Band

Venue: The Gorge Amphitheater

Location: George, WA

After-Party: One of theeeeeee best places in Washington the Country is at the Gorge. It’s about a two-hour drive from Seattle, so plan out a fun playlist for the road trip. I’d highly recommend camping there overnight after the concert; it’s the best way to go. There are tons of fun people that camp, lots of port-o-potties, and it’s an easy walk from the campsite to the amphitheater. Plus, this way you can have a few drinks, not have to wait in traffic, and don’t have to drive back in the wee hours of the night. Just pitch a tent! This is what my friends and I did for Zac Brown Band. The acoustics are insanely good and the view has got to be one of the prettiest sights my eyes have ever seen. Lay out your blankets, buy your beer, and jam out to some rad music. Doesn’t get much better. I’ve been to several concerts at the Gorge and I’ve fought the crowds to get into the “mosh pit.” That was super fun being so close, but honestly, when you’re on the general admission grass, you get to lay out and watch a spectacular sunset…all while your favorite band is playing (and wishing they were seeing what you’re seeing!)! Just be prepared to possibly lose your friends – definitely use the buddy system because there are so many people and phones typically die, so it’s difficult to locate friends once you’ve separated. Zac Brown Band was a blast, but if you want my highest recommendation, I’d go see Dave Matthews Band on Labor Day weekend. He plays every year for three nights. I went one year for all three nights and camped out – it was honestly one of the best weekends I’ve ever had! Watershed is a close second – country music lovers knoooow how to party and camp!! Don’t wait another Summer to see a concert at the Gorge!

Link: The Gorge

Rage Your Heart Out

021 Rajun

Restaurant: Other Coast Cafe

Location: Ballard & Capitol Hill

After-Taste: In my humble opinion, I think there are two sandwiches that could be deemed the “Best Sandwich in Seattle.” One is Paseo’s Caribbean Roast (previous post) and the other is the infamous Rajun Cajun at Other Coast Cafe. I think most people would lean toward Paseo, but I’m gonna have to give the top honor to The Rajun. The name is trademarked, for goodness sake! Ready for it? Cajun turkey, pepper jack cheese, tomato, onion, and spicy salsa mayo. I’m not usually a turkey fan, but the flavor of this turkey is out of this world. There’s a kick to this sandwich and the sauces that you end up licking off your fingers are IN-CRED-I-BLE! The bread is perfectly baked and the cheese is perfectly melted. If the Rajun was my ‘last meal,’ I would be a happy girl. [currently saving picture above as my desktop wallpaper…]

Link: Other Coast Cafe