Feed Your Heart Out


Restaurant: Peso’s

Where: Queen Anne

After-Taste: I’m fairly simple. When it comes to food, I love Chipotle, steak, artichokes, sushi, anything with butter on it, vegetables, and EGGS BENEDICT. I’m not normally a breakfast person – I never eat cereal or eggs and bacon. I take that back…if it’s placed right in front of me, I will eat it. But if I am ordering breakfast, Eggs Benedict will always come out the winner. What this means is that I have tried Eggs Benedict at many many restaurants. I will defend this statement til the day I die: the best Eggs Benedict in Seattle….possibly even Washington State, is made at Peso’s. The meat is thick and not deli sliced, the egg is always poached perfectly, the hollandaise sauce…well it’s just about perfect. It’s perfectly buttery and lemony at the same time – but there’s a little kick to it. The potatoes perfectly compliment it – never dry, always flavorful. They offer a variety of different eggs benny (crab, bacon, arugula, etc.) but I stick with the classic ham. Whenever I have friends visiting Seattle, I always demand they try the eggs benny. I’m a big fan of Peso’s french-pressed coffee and bloody mary’s. (And for lunch, order the steak fajitas – yummmm). Plus, the atmosphere at Peso’s – I’ve always loved their decor and their music choices. Don’t have plans for breakfast this Sunday? You do now!

Link: Peso’s Kitchen and Lounge


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