Rage Your Heart Out

021 Rajun

Restaurant: Other Coast Cafe

Location: Ballard & Capitol Hill

After-Taste: In my humble opinion, I think there are two sandwiches that could be deemed the “Best Sandwich in Seattle.” One is Paseo’s Caribbean Roast (previous post) and the other is the infamous Rajun Cajun at Other Coast Cafe. I think most people would lean toward Paseo, but I’m gonna have to give the top honor to The Rajun. The name is trademarked, for goodness sake! Ready for it? Cajun turkey, pepper jack cheese, tomato, onion, and spicy salsa mayo. I’m not usually a turkey fan, but the flavor of this turkey is out of this world. There’s a kick to this sandwich and the sauces that you end up licking off your fingers are IN-CRED-I-BLE! The bread is perfectly baked and the cheese is perfectly melted. If the Rajun was my ‘last meal,’ I would be a happy girl. [currently saving picture above as my desktop wallpaper…]

Link: Other Coast Cafe


2 thoughts on “Rage Your Heart Out

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