Jam Your Heart Out

Zac Brown Band

Venue: The Gorge Amphitheater

Location: George, WA

After-Party: One of theeeeeee best places in Washington the Country is at the Gorge. It’s about a two-hour drive from Seattle, so plan out a fun playlist for the road trip. I’d highly recommend camping there overnight after the concert; it’s the best way to go. There are tons of fun people that camp, lots of port-o-potties, and it’s an easy walk from the campsite to the amphitheater. Plus, this way you can have a few drinks, not have to wait in traffic, and don’t have to drive back in the wee hours of the night. Just pitch a tent! This is what my friends and I did for Zac Brown Band. The acoustics are insanely good and the view has got to be one of the prettiest sights my eyes have ever seen. Lay out your blankets, buy your beer, and jam out to some rad music. Doesn’t get much better. I’ve been to several concerts at the Gorge and I’ve fought the crowds to get into the “mosh pit.” That was super fun being so close, but honestly, when you’re on the general admission grass, you get to lay out and watch a spectacular sunset…all while your favorite band is playing (and wishing they were seeing what you’re seeing!)! Just be prepared to possibly lose your friends – definitely use the buddy system because there are so many people and phones typically die, so it’s difficult to locate friends once you’ve separated. Zac Brown Band was a blast, but if you want my highest recommendation, I’d go see Dave Matthews Band on Labor Day weekend. He plays every year for three nights. I went one year for all three nights and camped out – it was honestly one of the best weekends I’ve ever had! Watershed is a close second – country music lovers knoooow how to party and camp!! Don’t wait another Summer to see a concert at the Gorge!

Link: The Gorge


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