Curl Your Heart Out


Granite Curling Club of Seattle

Location: Shoreline

After-Curl: The experience starts out with a shoe cleaning (VIP treatment from the get-go!) and then you go through about a 45-minute lesson. They teach you how to push off the ‘hack’, throw the stone, sweep, and make a fool of yourself….curling is harder than you expect. Hopefully you’re not with people who will be offended if you laugh when they fall, because it happens a lot. But come to think of it, I may have been the only one laughing…What can I say? After years of watching AFV, I will always laugh when someone falls. But don’t worry, I always check to make sure they’re alright before I make my laugh audible. After the lesson, you can continue the match or watch the impressive professionals next to you. (“SWEEP! Hold….SWEEP!!! SWEEEEEP!!”) Finish the experience off with a trip upstairs to the bar (complete with free snacks!); nothing better than a pitcher of beer to warm you back up!

Link: Granite Curling Club of Seattle


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