Essen Your Heart Out

Chicken Kaiserschmarrn

Venue: Von Trapp’s

Location: Capitol Hill

After-Party: Von Trapp’s is quickly becoming one of my favorite bars in Seattle. It’s huge and there’s always room to sit. The bocce ball courts are obviously a great feature, too. If you want to play bocce ball, prepare to wait a while, as the wait-list is usually endless. Aside from that, the atmosphere is fantastic. Large, wooden tables with Bavarian decor – really does feel like you’re in a bar in Germany. Our group managed to complete TWO das boots and a platter full of the most succulent sausage. Then came the Chicken and Kaiserschmarrn (Von Trapp’s version of Chicken and Waffles). The syrup, chicken, and whipped, huckleberry pancakes were how I imagine Heaven to taste. [I’m literally staring at the picture and wishing taste-o-vision existed] The salty, sweet flavors are so divine. Order it. You will not be sorry.

Link: Von Trapp’s


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