glassybaby Your Heart Out

Glassy Baby

Store: glassybaby – U-Village

Location: Seattle

After-Glow: If you want the perfect gift, a glassybaby may be it! I always thought they were silly. “They’re just candles that all look exactly the same, just different colors.” Au contraire. It was my first time visiting the store, and I was proven incorrect. Every candle is handmade, they all have different hues and names, and the proceeds go to different charities. No two candles are exactly the same. Each candle runs about $50 (remember, a portion goes to a charity!), but they make perfect gifts. They provide a tea light, a card about the candle, and a fancy bow. I love that they have an area with tea lights to test out each glassybaby. I ended up getting the “Friendship” glassybaby for my friend’s birthday and she loved it. My glassybaby addiction may have just begun…

Link: glassybaby


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