Cheers Your Heart Out

027 Bard and Banker

Pub: Bard & Banker

Location: Victoria, B.C.

After-Brew: I’m Scottish, so this bar makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. This is a popular pub on the main strip in Victoria and it used to be a bank. It’s still got a bit of a fancy bank-like appearance with the marble, brass, and rich mahogany….but it’s more of a Gringotts (wizarding bank in Harry Potter) than a Bank of America… The atmosphere is extremely warm and inviting, and it’s awesome seeing the male servers so comfortable in their kilts. It’s two stories tall – last year we sat above and could look down at all the happenings which was really fun. This year we asked if we could sit by a TV to watch the Husky game (Go Dawgs!) and they sat us in this awesome room with a fireplace and our own personal television. It was relatively private, but we still felt like we were a part of the excitement in the bar. Each night they have live music and I was blown away by the band we heard this night. I ordered the pork sliders and they were so delicious. We then ordered a shot called the “Burt Reynolds” (bartender’s recommendation) and I was surprisingly happy with it! You know a shot is good when a chaser isn’t necessary. Overall great experience – both times I’ve been, I walked out of the bar with a smile on my face.

Link: Bard & Banker


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