Wander Your Heart Out

007 butchart

Park: Butchart Gardens

Location: Victoria, B.C.

After-stroll: If you go to Canada, I DEMAND you utilize the Victoria Clipper and all of their resources. They make visits to Victoria insanely easy. You can purchase various packages that streamline the planning process. This trip, my best friend and I had a package that included a night’s stay at the world-renowned hotel, The Empress, Butchart Gardens trip, tickets to the Royal B.C. Museum, and High Tea at the Empress. One of the highlights is the Butchart Gardens experience. We were given about 2 and half hours to explore and visit all that it has to offer. Unfortunately there were no roses in bloom during this time, so a visit in the Summer is on my to-do list, but there was still plenty to see. The Gardens have a fascinating history and upon arrival, it’s almost an honor to be able to step foot in it. The Ross Fountain has amazing water patterns that you could watch for hours; the Japanese Gardens are fun to stroll around in with the bridges and bamboo; but my favorite is the Sunken Gardens. It’s so colorful and vibrant, and it has a huge rock in the middle you can go to the top of and admire everything below. Time feels like it slows down and you can tell that there is so much care and maintenance that goes into each plant. At the end of the gardens there are a few places you can eat, including a gelato stand with Rose Chocolate Gelato. Definitely worth a sample! Visiting the gardens made the afternoon so delightful and it’s the perfect way to begin a weekend in Victoria!

Link: Butchart Gardens


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