Bizzarro Your Heart Out


Restaurant: Bizzarro Italian Cafe

Location: Wallingford, Seattle

After-Taste: My parents were in town for a night and I knew exactly where to take them. I had never been to Bizzarro, but I have heard nothing but raves about this place! It’s a tiny, quirky restaurant with some of the most delicious dishes I’ve tried (can you blame me for taking bites out of my parents’ dishes?). The decor is super unique and it felt like I was in a mini circus of sorts. Upside down lamps hanging from the ceiling, umbrellas everywhere, a suspended raft (yes, raft!), and a mini piano on a loft. Yes, it’s bizarre. There’s a sign that basically says you’re not allowed to say, “Water is fine.” So come prepared to drink wine or beer. The famous meal is the clam linguine, mainly because Guy Fieri did a segment on it for Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. I went with a gnocchi because gnocchi has always been a favorite dish of mine. I was not disappointed! It was so rich and buttery and yummy. The food mixed with the ambiance made for a hell of an experience. Take a trip to the bathroom while you’re there – there are a couple random surprises. Don’t worry! Nothing to be afraid of; but it’ll give you a little chuckle. I heard in the men’s bathroom, the surprise is that the walls are covered in awkward family photos. I mean, that’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but if I were a dude, I’d find that hilarious to be looking at while using the restroom! If you don’t need a fancy restaurant, but still want delicious food, go to Bizzarro. It’s indeed bizarre, but scrumptious!

Link: Bizzarro


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