Beach Wedding Your Heart Out

Golden Gardens

Venue: Golden Gardens Bathhouse

Location: Golden Gardens, Seattle

After-Party: First of all, congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Mark!! What a celebration!! If you or someone you know is thinking about where to have a wedding, Golden Gardens could be an excellent location. It’s easy to get to, accessible parking, comfortable venue…oh yeah, and it’s one of the most beautiful beaches in Seattle! Despite the bathhouse being on a public beach, it still felt very private and intimate. And hey, even if there are beach-goers trying to peak in, it’s a great opportunity to show off your fab dress, right? There are two large rooms, one for the ceremony/reception, one for the buffet and bar. It has a rustic type feel, was not cold at all, and with only two steps out the door, you’re on the sand! The sunset was incredible and gave amazing photo-ops! I had such a great time at Brittney and Orion’s wedding – mostly because of the company I was in…but the setting was a HUGE bonus! I highly recommend the bathhouse for a wedding or any kind of event!

Link: Golden Gardens Bathhouse


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