Freak Your Heart Out

Haunted House

Venue: KUBE 93.3 Haunted House

Location: SoDo, Seattle

After-Scare: Pardon my French, but, HOLY SHIT. I don’t think I’ve ever been so scared in my life! I’ve always heard about this Haunted House, and one random night, a few of my friends decided to put our lives on the line and try it. They have a pretty good setup with parking and getting in and out. VERY helpful hint: spend the extra money to get VIP tickets. Seriously, trust me. The line was outrageous. I almost turned around right there and said, “Next year!” But my friend said he’d pay the extra money just so I wouldn’t leave (mwuahaha, my plan worked…). I asked people in line how long they’d been waiting and they said about 30 minutes. They weren’t even CLOSE to the start!! So here we are with our VIP tickets, walking past all of the kids waiting in line who didn’t want to spend $10 extra dollars. We got dirty looks and a few, “Oh look at them, they’re special.” I figured it was great practice for what we were going to experience inside the house. We walk right up, they open the velvet rope for us ‘special folk’ and begin the freakfest. Getting in so quickly was perfect because I didn’t have time to psych myself out! The house was beyond scary! I mean, it had everything you would expect; but actually seeing the zombies, blood, etc. had me screaming like a little girl. Luckily I was with three grown men, so I just clutched onto them the entire time. We walked through it in about 10 minutes and we were all screaming the entire time. There were tons of scary surprises, eerie sounds, and obstacles we had to maneuver through. It was the perfect way to get pumped up for Halloween! Definitely try it at least once…and don’t forget to go VIP!!

Link: Haunted House


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