Dawg Dash Your Heart Out

Dawg Dash

Race: Dawg Dash

Location: University of Washington

After-Race: Can you believe I actually agreed to another 5K? As you may already know, I am NOT a runner. In my head I am, but physically I am not. I really want to be, though. So I signed up for the Dawg Dash because if I pay money to run, I’ll actually do it. Plus, I LOVE UW! This race was awesome because it meandered all through UW’s campus. I hadn’t been to campus in quite some time, so a lovely (sweaty, difficult)  jog through the grounds was awesome. I ran by all the landmarks, my old dorms, the quad, and finished at Red Square. By mile 2, there was a pleasant surprise which was the Husky Band playing some pump-up songs. It was exactly what I needed to give me an extra boost for the last mile (I love how I’m writing as though I ran 10+ miles….). The best part about the race? Dogs EVERYWHERE! Dogs are strongly encouraged to run with you, so it was a blast running alongside cute puppies. When I finished in Red Square, they had a ton of vendors with fruit, liquids, and photo booths. My favorite was the cut-out board of a cheerleader that you can put your head in. Another awesome feature is the fact that Harry the Husky cheers you on and takes photos with everyone! I had only met Harry once, so it was awesome getting another photo with him! It was a really fun morning, aside from the actual running – definitely going to do it again in 2014!! GO DAWGS!

Link: Dawg Dash


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