Vacation Your Heart Out


Resort: Alderbrook Resort & Spa

Location: Union, WA

After-Stay: I didn’t come to Alderbrook for a vacation, unfortunately, but it still felt like one given the serenity and comfort this resort provides. Our department took a two-day retreat here and I always love visiting this place. Check out the website below for better pictures because it really is the definition of R&R in a beautiful setting. The staff treats us like gold, they’re super easy to work with (I managed all the catering, my favorite thing!), and the rooms are little sanctuaries! The bar next to the water is a great place to unwind after seminars, and I couldn’t resist walking to the edge of the dock for a few minutes of peace. There’s an awesome fire pit that we all hovered around and met other business people. Did a barefoot race happen between me and a co-worker? Maaaaaaybe. (*cough* I won *cough*) The meals they served were all “Mo-Approved.” My favorite part of the retreat were the little glasses of goodness pictured above. They’re called Creamsicle Shooters. I mean, look at it. It’s a beautiful creamsicle in a glass. DELISH. Did I have three? Maaaaaybe. I’ve been to Alderbrook three times now, and I love it every time. It’s not too far of a drive, and it’s a great getaway. Cell service isn’t the best, but honestly, I like disconnecting for a bit! If you go, look for the ‘resort cat’ that has one green eye and one blue eye – beautiful!!

Link: Alderbrook Resort & Spa


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