Corgi Parade Your Heart Out

Corgi Parade

Event: Annual Corgi Halloween Parade

Location: Greenlake

After-Walk: Want to die of absolute adorableness?? Don’t miss the Annual Corgi Halloween Parade! I can’t tell you how many times I said, “Oh My GOD!” Imagine hundreds upon hundreds of cute, fluffy corgis walking by you all dressed in the cutest costumes you’ve ever seen. We saw Corgi Thors, mermaids, hot dogs, butterflies, princesses – anything you can imagine! All of the owners are so kind and allow you to play with the dogs and take pictures. Seriously, I almost died of happiness. They meet up at a certain time and walk the entire lake. It was so fun to walk the opposite way and see all of the Corgis decked out in costume. Then you meet up with them again half-way and you can tell the Corgis’ tiny legs are dead tired. When you see them again, they’re so tired and walking slower that you have more time to pet them! Tee hee. It was an absolute delight and I was so happy for the rest of the day. The link below is the Corgi Meetup forum that Corgi owners and lovers can post on. Keep an eye open for the next Halloween Parade next year!

Link: Corgi Halloween Parade


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