Play Your Heart Out

Family Fun Center

Venue: Family Fun Center

Location: Tukwila, WA

After-Party: I’m a kid at heart. And I personally believe everyone should be. If you can’t have innocent, playful fun while living, what’s the point of anything?? My friend, Kara, decided to have her birthday party at Family Fun Center – do I have the best friends or what? It gets a bit crowded, so be prepared to possibly wait in lines or run into little kids. Who am I kidding – I was running along with the kids!! When you buy your ticket, you get a “Fun Card” that allots a certain amount of credits. Each activity takes a couple points from your card, so I made sure to have a plan of attack to utilize all my points in the best way. There are arcade games everywhere, so if you don’t like waiting in lines for anything, just pop onto one of those. During Kara’s party, a bunch of us went to the batting cages – most of the guys stayed there the whole time. We did a round of Putt Putt Golf and then kicked some butt in Laser Tag. Remember Laser Tag?? Holy crap, while I was in the room with my gear on, I felt like I was 12 again. Amazing memories…it’s a little different when you’re older. But it’s easy to overlook the odd smells because, well, it smells like childhood. The XD Theater was one of my favorites because you sit in a giant chair that is interactive. You watch a film (we did the Mine Madness showing) and your chair moves along with the ride, wind is blown, scents are blown into the theater – it honestly felt like we were in a mine cart travelling through the dangerous mines. But my all-time favorite?? THE SCREAMIN’ SWING. I did that sucker about 5 times. It’s what you expect: a giant swing that goes back and forth. But it swings you around so high that you almost do a full loop! I literally did not want to stop! The sensation was similar to bungee jumping, but this time you could just keep doing it over and over, for only a couple of credits on your Fun Card! I loved it so much, I did it once all by myself. I don’t care – if it’s fun, I will do it with or without someone else! Family Fun Center isn’t just for the kids; it’s also for the adults who are kids at heart. Is that you? I hope so.

Link: Family Fun Center


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