Power Hour Your Heart Out

Happy Hour

Party: Ali Spagnola’s Power Hour Concert

Location: Nectar Lounge, Fremont

After-Party: A cool chick playing 60 awesome one-minute songs that all require us to drink at the beginning of each song? Ummmm, can you say FUN?! This girl has quite a cult following now and it’s because what she does is so unique. She has written 60 songs and they’re all cleverly about drinking – everyone begins with a few tallboys, a shot glass, and a gut ready to consume A LOT of beer. (If you live under a rock and don’t know what a Power Hour is, it’s a full hour of taking shots of beer every minute. Just YouTube “Power Hour” and you’ll find a ton of different themes…and Power Hours are way harder than you expect, by the way.) It’s amazing how…..happy…you can get after a quick hour! I was wearing my Chipotle burrito costume again, so my spirits were already high…but by about the 12th shot, I was starting to really feel it (I’m a lightweight! Gimme a break!) The show was super energetic and everyone was decked out in their Halloween costumes. It was the definition of Sunday Funday. Ali got the crowd really into it and the worm was even done by my friend Rob. Not an average power hour, that’s for sure! Ali goes on tours around the country playing her Power Hour Concerts, and I really hope she comes back to Seattle! If you can’t wait until she comes back, check out her website and you can purchase her album….or even better, a shot glass fully loaded with all of her songs. Party on!!!

Link: Power Hour


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