Dine Around Seattle Your Heart Out


Restaurants: Ponti, Cicchetti, Cutters, Chan, Steelhead, and Local 360

Locations: All Over Seattle!

After-Tastes: October 29th, 2014 can officially be called: “Mo’s Perfect Day.” First of all, the day started out with a meeting at work ‘catered’ by McDonald’s. People either love or hate McDonald’s – I happen to be obsessed. I’m not ashamed. Then Halloween donuts were delivered. And THEN I was asked the best question on the planet: “Mo, would you like to be a part of the media tour on the Hale’s Ales Bus for Dine Around Seattle where you try several restaurant meals for free?” IS THIS REAL LIFE??? DUH!! Get me on that bus right now! I asked my friends Bri and Kris to join me and they were stoked to be a part of it. Who wouldn’t be?!

First of all – this was our whip for the evening:

DAS Bus2

It was a kick-ass double-decker bus with a bar on it. Ummmmm, this is going to be a good night. Dine Around Seattle is a program that occurs a couple times a year that local restaurants can participate in where they offer 3 courses for around $30. The world is being overcome by franchises (hey, I love me some franchise restaurants every now and then…), but this is a great opportunity to get a wonderful meal at a discounted price – all while supporting our local restaurants!

The Dine Around Seattle tour began at Ponti:
Must try: Pear Martini

DAS Ponti


Beer Break!!!

DAS En Route
Next stop was Cicchetti:
Must try: Go upstairs and watch the sunset from the window table – perfect view!

DAS Chicchetti


After eating a delicious salad, we headed to Cutters Crabhouse:
Must try: Stuffed Prawns

DAS Cutters


From Cutter’s we walked over to Chan. This was probably my favorite stop.
Must try: Spicy pork sliders (delish!!) and you HAVE to order this drink –  Ginger Makgeoli. This drink consists of korean rice wine, ginger, lime, and orange liquor. It is SO good and so refreshing. You probably can’t find it anywhere else in Seattle.

DAS Chan


5 lbs heavier and we walked down the street to Steelhead Diner:
Must try: OYSTERS! Steelhead had some of the best oysters I’ve ever had. Plus, the fresh halibut main course wasn’t so bad either. I was a big fan of this stop!

DAS Steelhead


Our last stop included another bus ride and a lot of (happy) groans due to all of the food we had consumed. We ended the night at Local 360 which I fell in love with! It’s super rustic and I definitely got a hipster vibe (so much flannel!), but the private room in the back was decorated so cute. I felt like I was in a cabin surrounded by candles and wood. The best part was the Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee they served. This coffee is good. REAL good. It’s hard to imagine liking cold coffee, but Stumptown knows how to do it. Don’t need to add any sugar or cream – just drink it straight up!

DAS Local 360


And there you have it, Ladies and Gentlemen. 3 hours, 6 meals at 6 different restaurants, 1 happy girl. My perfect day. Time to go lay down and hope all this food digests!

Link: Dine Around Seattle




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