Dominate Your Heart Out

Apple Cup


Location: Husky Stadium

After-Win: UW vs. WSU. 27-17. Huskies win!!!! This game was huge!! It was especially important to me because I didn’t go home to Spokane for Thanksgiving just so I could attend the Apple Cup. I already felt like a terrible daughter and sister for not going home, but I figured that it’d be ok since I’d be home in 3 weeks anyway. So I decided to go to the game, but if we had lost , I probably would have sunk into a deep, deep depression. My friend Danielle and I got up early and headed to the parking lots to tailgate – the energy was unreal! Beer pong was played, Cougars were heckled, and I was having the time of my life! There was so much purple, I was beaming with happiness and pride. The first half of the game I was a nervous wreck, along with everyone else in the stadium. The Cougars could NOT win. They would have ruined my whole Thanksgiving weekend. I think I even shouted that a time or two. Don’t judge, there were a lot of jello shots during the tailgates… It was an awesome game, no rain, lots of confetti, and a Husky WIN!!! It was such a fun celebration and I was in the best mood ever! Staying in Seattle for Thanksgiving was totally justified at this point. GO DAWGS!!!

Link: Bow Down to Washington

Thank Your Heart Out


Celebration: Friendsgiving

After-Party: I want to take this time and express how grateful I am for my friends and family. I am wildly lucky for the people in my life and I hope each and every one of them knows that Mo loves them. :) The past year has been such an adventure; I have grown so much and it puts a smile on my face when I think about the people I’ve been blessed to call my friends and family. I truly believe that every experience is all about the company you’re with. I’m convinced that the people that keep me company are the BEST in the world. As a way to get together and thank all my friends for the experiences we’ve shared together, I organized a “Friendsgiving.” It was simple: bring your favorite Thanksgiving dish, bring yourself, and have fun. The feeling I had was overwhelming. I was surrounded by people I love and we were all talking about how lucky we are. I wish every day could be like this!! The night was the perfect precursor to Thanksgiving. Cannot wait to see what the next year will bring – this one will be hard to top!!

My Favorite Thanksgiving Dish: Broccoli Cheez-It Casserole

Sofa King Your Heart Out

Sofa Kings 2

Sofa Kings

Team: Sofa Kings!

League: Champ Sports

After-Party: Weeee are the Champiooooooons of Softbaaaaaaall!!! We did it!! The Sofa Kings have been playing together for a few years now, and this season we came out with the big victory!! I love this team so much and my Sundays are not complete unless I play a couple games with my friends. I actually go through withdrawal when the team is done for the Winter. Is it May yet?? We played three seasons this year and we had some awesome new people join us. The league is full of really cool people (except the players on the Shockers, ew) and it’s a great way to make new friends. When I was a kid, I would often get medals for gymnastics, but I was always jealous of my friends who won legit trophies from soccer, basketball, etc. This is our second championship, which also means it’s my second trophy. Heyooooo! I make sure to have both of my trophies prominently displayed in my apartment because they remind me of all the fun we have…they also remind me that I’m not a total loser. Wish I could say that was a joke, but it’s kind of true. haha Our championship (I love that word) party was a total blast filled with beer, dancing, cookies, and trophies! Our awesome league commissioner, Randy, even came and we presented him with a huge-ass trophy for simply being awesome. I can’t wait for next season – there really is nothing better than being out in the sun, hitting some balls, drinking some beers, and shootin’ the shit with your closest friends!

Link: Champ Sports League

Mac ‘N’ Cheese Your Heart Out


Restaurant: Pinky’s Kitchen – Food Truck

Location: Wallingford, Seattle

After-Taste: Can we just take a few seconds to just admire this photo? I’m pretty sure this picture needs to be framed. Yup. I want to frame it and hang it right by my bed so it’s the first thing I see each morning. It will be the perfect reminder each morning that all is right with the world. Pinky’s knows how to do BBQ. They have a kick-ass food truck on 45th, and on this day, I decided I wanted to take my lunch-break, deal with the rain, and wait in line for the famous Mac ‘n’ Cheese Bowl topped with pulled pork and BBQ sauce. Pinky’s has a variety of succulent meats and sauces. I tend to go with classic flavors because, well, they’re classic for a reason! I ordered a small and I still got a bowl overflowing with Mac ‘n’ Cheese…I have to admit I got a little giddy. A lot giddy, actually. They wrap it in foil to keep the warmth in so I took it back to the office. You should’ve seen the eyes on my co-workers! If you ever want to make anyone jealous, just eat one of these meals in front of their face. Muahahaha Ok, sorry, off track here. Anyway, the cheese is the perfect blend of provolone and sharp cheddar. The pork was perfectly pulled. And the BBQ sauce was deliciously sweet and tangy. Not only do you get excited while you’re eating this masterpiece, you get extra excited when you realize that there’s so much that you’ll have this for dinner and tomorrow’s lunch, too! So thank you, Pinky’s. You made me a very happy girl on this overcast, rainy, depressing day. All is right in this tasty world.

Link: Pinky’s Kitchen

Spectate Your Heart Out


Venue: Olympicview Arena

Location: Mountlake Terrace, WA

After-Victory: I wasn’t expecting college hockey to be so much fun!!! Hockey is just a club sport at University of Washington, so they don’t get a ton of funding and it’s not as well-known to students. My friends and I have gone a few times now, and it has been a blast every time! The arena always gets packed, so it’s great to see the club having a following. Make sure if you go to a game to have a DD because guess what? It’s BYOB!! It’s pretty cold in the arena, so it’s a relief to be able to have your own beer on hand to warm you up. So get all your friends together, get some beer, and check out some good hockey! This game was a blast because it was UW vs. WSU. We had one Cougar friend with us (he sticks out like a sore thumb) and it was so fun heckling him….and UW won. Wouldn’t expect anything less. Club hockey is not as hardcore as professional hockey, but the crowd does get very into it, and my friends would even go up to the penalty box and bang at the windows. So entertaining! Go Dawgs!!!
(p.s. My friends aren’t creepy…it’s just No Shave November…)

Link: UW Hockey Club

Filet Your Heart Out

Purple Cafe

Restaurant: Purple Cafe

Location: Seattle (multiple locations)

After-Taste: Dad is in town, which means STEAK FOR LUNCH!!! I’ve always loved Purple Cafe because of the ambiance, the food, and the giant wine stairway in the middle of the restaurant. It’s absolutely beautiful inside, and the steak is just as beautiful. My Dad and I have always loved steak (medium-rare, of course) and we can surprisingly eat the same amount. So basically, I don’t really know why I’m not obese. My Dad and I had the same lunch – steak and french-pressed coffee. Happiness. The steak was perfectly cooked – tender, juicy, and exploded with flavor. The kale salad and potatoes served with it were equally delicious. So go ahead, order steak for lunch! Your taste buds will love you for the rest of the day.

Link: Purple Cafe

Disney On Ice Your Heart Out

DisneyShow: Disney On Ice – Rockin’ Ever After

Location: Kent, WA

After-Skate: I may be biased in my opinion of Disney On Ice, but I promise, this is a fun show to go see with your child, little sister or brother, or anyone younger than 16! Now, you know I’m a kid at heart, so I was happy to go with my grown adult girlfriends. But we also happen to have a great friend who’s skating in the tour! My friend Kristin plays Ariel and has been traveling the world for this show – it was beyond exciting seeing her skate and have the spotlight on her! Her show was absolutely amazing because she not only skated, but she did some acrobatics on a rope in the air! The show features Ariel  from the Little Mermaid (the best performance in my biased opinion), and the princesses from Tangled, Brave, and Beauty and the Beast.  And of course Minnie and Mickey Mouse were the emcees! They were all so colorful and the costumes were unbelievable. I not only went with my girlfriends, but I also took my Little Sister from BBBS to it and she loved it! It was the perfect show to take her to. There were so many cute kids in the audience dressed up as their favorite princesses – it was hard not to be happy while there!! So proud of Kristin – she has been doing an amazing job! Do you know how cool it was to shout, “I know Ariel!!”?? It was pretty damn cool. You would too….
Fun Fact: Kristin is dating the ice skater who plays Eric. I mean, totally meant to be!

Link: Disney On Ice