Celebrate Your Heart Out

Arctic Club

Venue: Arctic Club, Hilton Hotel

Location: Downtown Seattle

After-Party: Another congrats to a beautiful couple!! My friends Matt and Michelle got married at the Arctic Club in Seattle, and it’s another wonderful recommendation of mine for a wedding venue. It’s located in the swanky Hilton Hotel downtown, and you can’t help but feel opulent while you’re there. We had a cocktail hour that was tasty, but then you walk up the stairs and into the ceremony room, it’s hard not to lose your breath. Look up and you will see the most beautiful ceiling and chandelier you’ve ever seen. Anyone would be lucky to be married under that much beauty! It’s a large dome room that holds a significant amount of people. It’s so beautiful in there that I’m sure if I wore a brown paper bag for a dress, I’d still look pretty. The room just sort of puts a filter on your eyes, I swear. The food they provided was fantastic and it was one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve been to. You know a wedding is great when the dance floor is overflowing with people! And it wasn’t because the dance floor was too small, it’s because there was not a single person sitting down! I really hope more of my friends decide to get married here because I really want to party there again. [wink wink, nudge nudge]

Link: Arctic Club


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