Mangiare Your Heart Out

Cafe Bengodi

Restaurant: Cafe Bengodi

Location: Downtown Seattle

After-Taste: Ok, so let me begin with the fact that I know the picture above doesn’t look super appetizing. It looks like ingredients were just sort of slurped (is that a word? Well, it is now..) together into a mush. And yes, maybe it was. But oh my goodness, that mush was SO delicious! Cafe Bengodi is deemed “Seattle’s Little Italy” and it’s a super popular restaurant in Pioneer Square. My friend Charmin and I walked here after the Hawks game (GO HAWKS) and waited about 10 minutes for a table. It was 10 minutes of staring at everyone’s dishes and trying not to drool. When I saw the menu, I knew exactly what I was going to order. “The Andrea.” Ahh, it was beautiful. Plus, November 3rd is National Sandwich Day – match made in Heaven! The salad was fabulous and the homemade chips were topped with cheeeese. They were talkin’ my language. Then I admired the sandwich. It had broccoli, sausage, tomato sauce, and cheeeeese. So pretty much, it made perfect sense why it’s called “The Andrea.” It’s all of my favorite things! I couldn’t finish that monster of a sandwich, so my lunch the next day was making everyone jealous. My tummy was very, VERY happy.

Link: Cafe Bengodi


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