Disney On Ice Your Heart Out

DisneyShow: Disney On Ice – Rockin’ Ever After

Location: Kent, WA

After-Skate: I may be biased in my opinion of Disney On Ice, but I promise, this is a fun show to go see with your child, little sister or brother, or anyone younger than 16! Now, you know I’m a kid at heart, so I was happy to go with my grown adult girlfriends. But we also happen to have a great friend who’s skating in the tour! My friend Kristin plays Ariel and has been traveling the world for this show – it was beyond exciting seeing her skate and have the spotlight on her! Her show was absolutely amazing because she not only skated, but she did some acrobatics on a rope in the air! The show features Ariel  from the Little Mermaid (the best performance in my biased opinion), and the princesses from Tangled, Brave, and Beauty and the Beast.  And of course Minnie and Mickey Mouse were the emcees! They were all so colorful and the costumes were unbelievable. I not only went with my girlfriends, but I also took my Little Sister from BBBS to it and she loved it! It was the perfect show to take her to. There were so many cute kids in the audience dressed up as their favorite princesses – it was hard not to be happy while there!! So proud of Kristin – she has been doing an amazing job! Do you know how cool it was to shout, “I know Ariel!!”?? It was pretty damn cool. You would too….
Fun Fact: Kristin is dating the ice skater who plays Eric. I mean, totally meant to be!

Link: Disney On Ice


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