Mac ‘N’ Cheese Your Heart Out


Restaurant: Pinky’s Kitchen – Food Truck

Location: Wallingford, Seattle

After-Taste: Can we just take a few seconds to just admire this photo? I’m pretty sure this picture needs to be framed. Yup. I want to frame it and hang it right by my bed so it’s the first thing I see each morning. It will be the perfect reminder each morning that all is right with the world. Pinky’s knows how to do BBQ. They have a kick-ass food truck on 45th, and on this day, I decided I wanted to take my lunch-break, deal with the rain, and wait in line for the famous Mac ‘n’ Cheese Bowl topped with pulled pork and BBQ sauce. Pinky’s has a variety of succulent meats and sauces. I tend to go with classic flavors because, well, they’re classic for a reason! I ordered a small and I still got a bowl overflowing with Mac ‘n’ Cheese…I have to admit I got a little giddy. A lot giddy, actually. They wrap it in foil to keep the warmth in so I took it back to the office. You should’ve seen the eyes on my co-workers! If you ever want to make anyone jealous, just eat one of these meals in front of their face. Muahahaha Ok, sorry, off track here. Anyway, the cheese is the perfect blend of provolone and sharp cheddar. The pork was perfectly pulled. And the BBQ sauce was deliciously sweet and tangy. Not only do you get excited while you’re eating this masterpiece, you get extra excited when you realize that there’s so much that you’ll have this for dinner and tomorrow’s lunch, too! So thank you, Pinky’s. You made me a very happy girl on this overcast, rainy, depressing day. All is right in this tasty world.

Link: Pinky’s Kitchen


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