Dominate Your Heart Out

Apple Cup


Location: Husky Stadium

After-Win: UW vs. WSU. 27-17. Huskies win!!!! This game was huge!! It was especially important to me because I didn’t go home to Spokane for Thanksgiving just so I could attend the Apple Cup. I already felt like a terrible daughter and sister for not going home, but I figured that it’d be ok since I’d be home in 3 weeks anyway. So I decided to go to the game, but if we had lost , I probably would have sunk into a deep, deep depression. My friend Danielle and I got up early and headed to the parking lots to tailgate – the energy was unreal! Beer pong was played, Cougars were heckled, and I was having the time of my life! There was so much purple, I was beaming with happiness and pride. The first half of the game I was a nervous wreck, along with everyone else in the stadium. The Cougars could NOT win. They would have ruined my whole Thanksgiving weekend. I think I even shouted that a time or two. Don’t judge, there were a lot of jello shots during the tailgates… It was an awesome game, no rain, lots of confetti, and a Husky WIN!!! It was such a fun celebration and I was in the best mood ever! Staying in Seattle for Thanksgiving was totally justified at this point. GO DAWGS!!!

Link: Bow Down to Washington


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