Carol Your Heart Out

Parade of Lights

Event: Annual Christmas Parade of Ships

Location: Lake Washington (various locations throughout December)

After-Sail: What a way to get ready for the holiday season!!! So one day I was sitting on my booty thinking about what to get everyone for Christmas (that’s a lie, who plans that far ahead?!) and then I got an e-mail from my friends Bri & Kris. It was the kind of e-mail everyone dreams of receiving. It said that they are partaking in the Christmas Parade of Ships, they’re making split pea soup and bread from scratch, they have blankets and hot cocoa, and they want me to be a part of it. Ummmm, you had me at Christmas!  The next day we disembarked from the dock and sailed out to the middle of Lake Union. While there, several other ships decked out in Christmas lights sailed alongside us and we waited for the mother ship. The leader of the pack every year is the Argosy Christmas Ship – it’s a huge ship covered in lights and bustling with carolers and guests in their finest garb. We puttered through Portage Bay and the Montlake Cut (was beautiful seeing Husky Stadium, of course) and wound up by the shores of Lake Washington. We wrapped up in our blankets, ate our amaaaaazing split pea soup, and listened as the carolers were singing on the Christmas/Mother ship! They have speakers projecting the sound out, so we couldn’t have gotten a better show! The Parade of Ships happens several times throughout the month of December, and next year I hope to be a part of the finale. Apparently there are tons of boats in colorful lights, and it’s quite the spectacle! Tonight’s Parade had about 10 boats, so the show was nice and intimate (I know, the pic above makes it look like we were alone, but I promise we weren’t!). So start making good friends with people you know with boats – it’s awesome to be a part of! You can always buy a ticket and be a part of the main boat as well.

Link: Christmas Ship Festival


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