Fry Your Heart Out


Restaurant: Ezell’s Famous Chicken

Location: Mill Creek, WA (various locations)

After-Taste: How the homepage of Ezell’s website is not just a picture of Oprah and in huge text, “OPRAH’S FAVORITE THING,” I do not know….. If Oprah gave me the highly-coveted honor of being one of her Favorite Things, everyone and their mother would know!! But alas, Ezell’s is actually humble, unlike me. ;) Their chicken is so good, they don’t need to constantly remind everyone that Oprah loves it to have great business. The chicken can do that on its own (Sorry, Oprah). So for dinner tonight, I was visiting a friend in Mill Creek and we got Ezell’s. We went all out with the rolls, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, beans, and the chickeeeeen! [The voice in my head as I’m writing this is Oprah’s – it is making this particular post super fun] Normally when I eat my meals, I tend to go from one course to the other. I eat the entirety of one dish, then the entirety of the next, yada yada yada. But Ezell’s is so good, I don’t know what to save for last! I go around in a delicious circle, one bite to the next, one happy emotion to the next. The chicken is perfectly cooked: juicy and tender with a bit of crunch. I love coleslaw, but I’m pretty weird in that I think KFC has the best coleslaw of all. The more mayo it has, the better. [internal monologue: how am I not obese?] This coleslaw is perfectly mayo-y and tangy….KFC has their work cut out for them. It’s obvious why Oprah chose Ezell’s as one of her favorite things – it’s really hard to stop eating it, and once you’re done, you just want more the next day. Hmmm, am I addicted? Well done, Ezell’s! Please read in Oprah’s voice: “You have a fan for liiiiiiiiiiiiiiife!!!”

Link: Ezell’s Famous Chicken


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