Suit Your Heart Out


What: Suitjamas:Coolest Pajamas in Existence


After-Sleep: Here’s a great gift idea!! And yes, it could be the perfect gift for yourself. Doesn’t get much cooler than Barney Stinson’s (“How I Met Your Mother”) SUITJAMAS! My friend Aaron has had these for a while now and at the last Wine Weekend, he slept in them and I was insanely jealous. Well, lucky for me, apparently he got a little too into crossfit this year, bulked up, and now he can’t fit into the Suitjamas! So he offered to let me wear them for the night. Oh my God, he actually offered to let me wear the sweetest outfit I’d ever seen. Do you know how much of an honor that was for me?? I felt like I was being knighted. Yeah, so they’re made for men. Whatevs. They look alright on me, right?? Meh, I don’t really care how I looked. I felt like the shit. The suit comes with a button up shirt, pants, a jacket (complete with shoulder pads) and a tie. All, of course, in soft satin. I never sleep with long pants or long tops, so this was going to be an interesting night in these Suitjamas. I have to be honest and say that I slept extremely well! The fabric is so soft, it doesn’t really feel like you’re wearing much at all. The night was comfortable and I woke up a full-on badass. This evening was definitely legen——-wait for it——-DARY!!! [Had to]

Link: Suitjamas


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