Tour Your Heart Out

Wine Weekend 2

Event: Saint Nick’s Wine Weekend

Location: Woodinville, WA

After-Tastings: And year two commences – yeeeeeee-haw!! I could not wait to participate in another Woodinville Wine Weekend!! Last year’s event was one for the record books and I knew that this year was going to be just as fun. Same crazy people, same bus (which meant same ‘vertical safety bar’), same wineries, and new batch of jello shots. Let’s gooooo! The whole group got together in Redmond and we all got equipped with our red-wine tinted glasses. This year, unfortunately, funding was way down, so that meant not as much cheese and meatballs. We didn’t know this until one of the last wineries gave us the low-down, so each winery I kept saying to myself, “There will hopefully be cheese at the next stop!” This hope is what got me through – if I had found out that there wouldn’t be any cheese, I may have not joined. That’s a lie, I totally would have…but I would have come fully stocked with my own cheese to satisfy my needs. My needs are simple, really. Cheese. That’s it! Anyway, I digress. This year we managed to hit up way more wineries (I believe we visited about 22 in the two days)…but that’s probably because they didn’t have food to keep us there. It’s so fun racing other people – there was another group that was decked out in ugly Christmas sweaters. We didn’t like them so we avoided them. The only reason we didn’t like them is because they looked like a lot of fun and we were in a competition for being more fun. Can’t hang out with the fun enemies! The two-day event was a huge success (our bus didn’t run out of gas this year!) and we went home having tried what felt like hundreds of wines! It’s amazing how much we speak with wine makers, going through the lessons and tastings, yet I still couldn’t tell you the difference between a Cabernet and a Pinot. Wine = wine = wine. Red or White. Delicious no matter how cheap or expensive. Can’t wait for year three!! Next time I’m bringing some cheese. I may or may not share.

Link: Saint Nick Wine Weekend


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