Meat Ball Your Heart Out

Meat Ball

Event: Meat Ball

Location: Your House?

After-Party: How many Ugly Christmas Sweater parties do you get invited to or hear about every year? Probably a lot. They’re definitely the most common kind of holiday party, but here’s an idea that’s super clever and super fun. My friend Jessica throws a party every year at her house called the Meat Ball. It’s a brilliant idea where everyone dresses up in fancy dresses, the men all come in suits, and we’re all required to bring one dish containing meat. Get it? Meatball = Meat Ball. Of course there’s always a large dish of delicious meatballs – my favorite though, is when one person always brings bags of Dick’s burgers. If you ever want a cheap item to bring to a party – pick up some Dick’s cheeseburgers. It’s cheap, easy, and the people go NUTS over them! [aaaand I just made myself laugh…People go NUTS over the DICK’S….I may be 5 years old..] Anyway, do you know how fun it is to dress up all fancy and then stuff your face with a bunch of meat?? ……wait, that came out wrong. You get what I mean. This year, people brought homemade banh mi sandwiches, lasagna, bacon, meatballs, Dick’s Cheeseburgers, and lots of alcohol (including bacon-flavored vodka). I made the most delicious appetizer I’ve ever made. It’s pretty much the easiest thing in the world to make, too. People loved them – and they’re good hot or cold! All you need are club crackers, Parmesan cheese, and bacon. Check out the recipe below – I used this link and it was super helpful with all the pics and descriptions. When the bacon cooks, they literally hug the crackers and the juices seep into the crackers. My mouth is watering just thinking about them. GREAT idea for an app to bring – that’s also easy on the wallet! Oh, and obviously, this kind of party isn’t really suited for vegetarians. :( Hopefully they wouldn’t start any beef with you for not being invited….. [seriously……5 years old.]

Link: Bacon-Wrapped Crackers


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