Ugly Sweater Party Your Heart Out

Ugly Sweater

Event: Ugly Sweater Party

After-Party: You know I mentioned in the post below (Meat Ball Your Heart Out) that Ugly Christmas Sweater parties are the most common kind of holiday party – well, here’s a perfect example of one! My friend Lillian throws an Ugly Sweater party every year, and they’re the best parties ever! Most of these parties involve friends and booze. But Lillian goes all out. She has a whole station just for bedazzling your sweater and making it even more ugly. She has a station where we write a Mad Lib to Santa and nominate someone for ugliest sweater. There’s of course food and booze, and lots of holiday music. The highlight of the party every year is the front room she empties out – sets up a Christmas tree, a bunch of props, and a camera tri-pod. She has the camera set on a self-timer, so during the whole night, people will go into the room and take a bunch of action shots. We get super clever and come up with fun dances, jumps, or action-sequences. The camera ends up with thousands of pictures (I’m not kidding) that Lil’ edits into an adorable video. At the end of the night, we all get together and she announces who wins the Ugly Sweater Contest – and this year I managed to come out with the W! I’ve had this ugly sweater for a few years now, and it’s so classic that I like to wear it each year. The front is just decked out with holiday decorations – there are bells, bows, a sled, Santa, elves, you name it. Ahhh, it really is the most wonderful time of year. So get to planning your next Ugly Sweater Party! Can’t go a year without one!!

Ugly Sweater 2


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