D’Light Your Heart Out

Bellevue D'Lights

Event: Garden d’Lights

Location: Bellevue Botanical Gardens

After-Stroll: This is the perfect activity to do with a child or even with a significant other! It was breathtaking!! I decided to take my Little Sister through Big Brothers Big Sisters to go ice skating at the Bellevue Ice Arena. After we saw the mile-long line to skate, we immediately turned around and tried to think of other things to do in Bellevue. I kept hearing about the Bellevue Garden d’Lights so we decided to give it a try. Parking and waiting in line is hit-or-miss. When we got there, parking was pretty easy and there wasn’t much of a line (we bought tickets beforehand on my iPhone) – but when we left, the line was HUGE! Even if the line is long, the wait is worth it. If you don’t like being surrounded by people, this maaaaay not be for you. You kind of just walk in a single-file line in a way and look at everything. But Mia and I managed to get amazing views of all the scenes. The lights were insane. Absolutely unreal – the “pond” was my favorite. Plus, they have a hot cocoa stand! There were so many light animals and animals, it was eye-candy. I’m obsessed with color and bright, shiny objects, so it sort of felt like this whole set-up was designed for me. You follow the map and experience all the different scenes – there was a jungle, a winery, waterfalls, butterflies, frogs, even spiders. You name it, they probably had it in lights. It was a good 25 minute walk, and we took our time to take lots of pictures. I asked Mia what her favorite light object was and I’m not even kidding, she said the rake was her favorite. Hilarious and adorable at the same time!

Garden d'Lights

Link: Garden d’Lights


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