Craft Your Heart Out

Clothespin Magnets

Craft: Clothespin Magnets

Necessities: Clothespins, Magnets, Mod Podge, and Paper

After-Glue: Here’s a fantastic gift idea!! These work great as little gifts for co-workers or friends – they’re nothing grand, but they’re handmade and thought and effort goes into them. My friend Bri kept mentioning that she was going to have a craft night and make clothes hanger magnets…I couldn’t get in my head what she meant by that. She kept telling me all I need to bring was paper and gems. Done and done. All you have to do is cut the paper to the size of the clothespin, use a little Mod Podge and stick a gem on each one and you’re done! We had a bunch of paper and even coasters that we worked with. There were a couple coasters that had the University of Washington “W” on it, so I obviously had to make a couple husky magnets! (I kept one for myself, shhhh!) I made about 12 in about an hour – wish I could’ve made more! They were great additions to gifts – the best was when I had a wrapped gift and a card, I’d just clamp the card and taped the magnet onto the gift. Automatic decorative cardholder! I use my magnet on my fridge to hold recipes that I’m using. They are cute and definitely come in handy! Plus, people love handmade gifts. I mean, I LOVE my magnet I gave to myself! ;-)

Link: Clothespin Magnet Directions


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