Party Bus Your Heart Out

Party Bus

Experience: Party Bus

Location: Seattle

After-Ride: I’ve always heard of party buses and the craziness that ensues while on them….well it was finally time to create my own craziness on a party bus! My good friend was celebrating his birthday and the plan was to have a gathering at a friend’s house with food and drinks and then take the party bus to Cinebarre to see Anchorman 2. So many wonderful things in that last sentence… We all got a little ‘happy’ at the house, so getting on the bus was certainly going to be a fun adventure. Drinks were flowing on the bus, neon lights were flashing, and music was blaring! Screw normal cars. This was the way to go! It was a blast being surrounded by friends and dancing while on the way to a fun movie! There were two stripper poles and a couple of my friends got the guts to try some moves on them. There were too many people on the bus that I didn’t know, so I wasn’t quite ready to make a fool of myself in front of them. When we showed up at the theater, it honestly felt pretty bad-ass to spill out of the bus with music in front of a bunch of theater-goers. Felt like we were in our own movie! The movie experience was great (because Cinebarre serves alcohol and food during the movie) so once the movie was over, we got back into the bus and continued the party! With all the people on the bus, we each paid about $20 for the bus experience. I think that’s a pretty good deal for a kick-ass night! I’m definitely going to think about hiring a bus for my birthday!

Link: Party Bus Rentals


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