Homegrown Your Heart Out


Restaurant: Homegrown

Location: South Lake Union

After-Taste: I love going down to South Lake Union for lunch. It’s always bustling and there are SO many restaurants to choose from. My friend Jen suggested Homegrown for today’s lunch – I checked out the menu, saw “Beecher’s Cheese Sandwich” and was immediately sold. There aren’t many tables in the restaurant, so if you show up after noon, expect to get your food to go. This eatery prides themselves on it being sustainable, organic, and all-natural. So I felt really good about stuffing my face with a ton of cheese – IT’S HEALTHY! That’s what I kept telling myself at least… The food being so fresh and homemade, it made the price a little more on the spendy side. But it was worth every dollar, I’d say. I ordered the Ham + Beecher’s Cheese Sandwich…not only was there ham and cheese, there was also carmelized onions, greens, and a sage aioli sauce. Ummmm, can you say, “YUM”?? It was perfectly toasted and super filling (I got a small sandwich and I was perfectly satisfied). Sandwiches are 10 times better when the bread is freshly made in-house. This bread was fantastic! Homegrown was also great because as you’re waiting for your food, someone is going around with samples of other creations. Yogurt, granola, and cranberries for an app? Heck yes! Can’t wait to come back here for lunch!

Link: Homegrown


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