Playoff Your Heart Out

Seahawks Saints

Game: Seattle Seahawks vs. New Orleans Saints

Location: CenturyLink Field

After-Win: Story Tiiiiiime!! I just want to document this story because it was one of the most special moments of my life. My boss is a HUGE sports fanatic and absolutely loves the Seahawks. This Seahawk season has been phenomenal, and we were always talking about it and we are convinced the Hawks are going to the Super Bowl. Well, the playoffs were coming to town and the tickets were going to be difficult to get. I attempted to purchase tickets when they went on sale and it was just about the most frustrating thing ever. I’m convinced there weren’t even tickets that went on sale….they kept saying they sold out “in 30 minutes.” I’m pretty sure it was more 30 seconds that they were gone. I was crushed, there was no way I was going to pay $300 to go to the playoff game. Well, my boss managed to get 4 tickets through his friend that works for the Seahawks. He was going to take his brother and then use the other two as an incentive at work. We had a few meetings about how the first Account Executive to bring in a $10K deal would win the tickets. I’m not going to lie, I was pissed. I’m not an Account Executive, so I wasn’t eligible. You see, there’s a bit of a back story here. I planned a huge client cruise for our sales department, and it takes months and months to plan. The cruise was a huge success and my boss told me he wanted to reward me for all my hard work since I didn’t go on the cruise. He said he’d get me Seahawk tickets as a reward. Well, this was the perfect time! But nope, he was going to give them to someone else. I was sad. A few days later and a couple meetings about the tickets later, someone had won them. My co-worker Michael won them and I was so let down. Michael already had season tickets so he was already going to the game! I was beyond frustrated because I knew he would sell the tickets for profit. Grrrrrr. Later on in the day, I received an e-mail from Michael.

Body: This e-mail is going out to a select few individuals in the building. Whoever is the first person to my desk….

I got up and BOOKED IT to his desk!!! I saw that e-mail and thought this was my opportunity. He will be giving them to ME! I hugged Michael and shouted, “TICKETS! MINE! HAWKS! PLEASE!” or something along those lines! People started wandering over and shaking their head. A couple of my co-workers started asking if I read the whole e-mail. Whole e-mail? Wait, there was more? My heart started to sink. Finally, my co-worker said I was disqualified and I can’t get the tickets. I almost cried then and there. I did the walk of shame back to my desk to read the rest of the e-mail. “….Whoever is the first person at my desk at 4L30 gets 2 FREE HAWKS TICKETS. In addition, you are disqualified if you tell anyone or speak of it until the tickets have been handed to the lucky winner.”

Oh my god, I was beyond angry with myself. I was shaking my head, holding back tears, and I said that if one person comes over to my desk and says anything about this I would punch them. Yes, I was very angry. 20 minutes goes by and I can’t focus because I’m so distraught with myself. Michael and my boss wander over and they me a look and I just want to curl up in a ball. Michael throws the two tickets on my desk and says, “Mo, this whole thing has been a set up. You were going to give the tickets to you the whole time – we just wanted to fuck with you first!” OH MY GOD!!!! I started laughing, screaming, and crying at the same time! I was SO EXCITED! They know me so well – they knew I would only read part of the e-mail and disqualify myself because I get ahead of myself. I’ve never had anyone surprise me like that and construct some kind of faux-competition to award me with something. He only sent that e-mail t0 me but blind cc’d me so it would look like he sent it to many. Welp, I was just about the happiest person on the planet. The game was SO much fun and I took my best friend Lauren. Just to make everything sweeter, the Hawks won!!! Seriously, Super Bowl, here we come!!! THANK YOU, MICHAEL!!!



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